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Why I Love Loki And Hate His Fans – Lyesmith


Loki is the epitome of duality. He’s creator AND destroyer. He’s a father AND a mother. He’s male AND female. He’s good AND evil. To the core. While Loki is definitely modeled after humanity, he can never be held to human rules and logistics. He’s a god. He’s an idea. An archtype. While he has human characteristic, he also has ALL human characteristics. He’s much more than any one person could ever actually be.

He fathered and gave birth. He had children he loved and cared about. He also cheated on his wife. Stole. Lied. Played cruel and merciless tricks on people. He cut off all of Sif’s hair; her prized possession, because he thought it would be funny. Sure, he took one for the team, and turned into a mare to lead away a workhorse of a giant, to keep that giant from winning a bargain Loki struck with him. So, again, cheating and lying, to get out of a mess HE created. And someone suggested he was raped by the horse. I see no evidence anywhere suggesting that he didn’t willingly turn into a female horse and led that workhorse away for a good time, had by all. If I’m mistaken, PLEASE, show me where it says Loki was raped. Because Loki, who able to switch gender at will, who is selfish and manipulative, saw an opening where he could get out of this deal he made AND get him some. Win-win for Loki.


Loki is good and evil in ways human beings can’t be. He doesn’t follow the same rules. He can murder, steal, cheat, lie, and enjoy every single minute of it, and still go home at the end of the day to his wife and kids and tell them stories and kiss them good night like a good father.

Don’t get me wrong, Loki could certainly be lead by the way others treated him. In fact, I think this is driven more by his good side than his evil. In Lokesenna, he’s driven by jealousy and envy. Here he was, just being Loki, doing what Loki does, and all the sudden everyone is upset at him. So he lashes out. He gets nastier.


Things that happened after Baldur’s death were more of a reaction to how people treated him.
Cheating on Sigyn was not.
Claiming war on Asgard, leading the unhonored dead, is a reaction to how he was treated after doing, what he felt, was just what he does.
Killing Baldur just because he saw the opening to do so was not.

While none of this instances I’ve used as examples are that cut and dry – nothing ever is – and there are extenuating circumstances that surround these events – there always are – it really IS that simple. He CHOSE to make these decisions. He knew he was going to kill Baldur. He saw a prank to play, and he played it. And it was fatal.


If you think Loki is solely driven by the way other people treat him, you’re making him out to be shallow and superficial. If you think Loki only reacts to the way others treat him, you’re denying him the chaos and cruelty and malice that is just as much a part of him as the mischief and trickery and laughter. His element is fire; Loki can be productive, useful, and even beneficial. He can also wreak wanton destruction and chaos to everything he touches.

Loki isn’t human. You can’t say that being evil negates him being good. He can, and is, both. If you take away his ability to be chaotic, destructive, and evil for no good reason, then you only understand half of Loki.


And this applies to the comic books, movie, and mythos. For a couple years or more now, we’ve had Kid Loki. And Kid Loki has struggled with the fact that he is also evil. He wants to be better. He wants to be good more than evil. But that evil is still a part of him. It still whispers in his ear and pushes him in subtle ways. Loki CAN be good. And he is ALSO evil. In the movies, he was still cruel as often as he was nice. He let those Jotun into the palace with complete disregard for the lives that were going to be lost. He didn’t care that Jotun and Asgardian alike could be, and were, murdered because he wanted to disrupt his brother’s ceremony. Loki wasn’t a good kid that was mistreated and abused and forced to become evil to survive. He was evil to begin with, as well as good. Duality. To say he’s only good inside and only acting evil because he was mistreated is watering down the character to the point that all you have left is a spoiled, selfish, bratty child inside the body of a full grown god, lashing out because he feels he didn’t get the attention and adoration he deserves. What a boring, two-dimensional, superficial character. How would that appeal to anyone outside of spoiled, selfish, bratty children who feel they’re not getting the attention and adoration they deserve? I guess that’s why there’s so many teenage girls as Loki fans these days…

Or perhaps, the biggest trick Loki’s ever played was getting all these rabid fangirls to believe he was the victim…

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3 thoughts on “Why I Love Loki And Hate His Fans – Lyesmith

  1. Cynthia on said:

    Oh how compelling is wonderful, horrible Loki? He is both victim and perpetrator. Yin and Yang. He is black or white but mostly grey. And is that not true of us all? Can one not love both a monster and angel at once? I already do. One of my children is unbearably self centered and mean spirited, the other is kind, sweet and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. And yet I DO love them both. I also love Loki. I’m no teenage fan girl, I am someone who knows this duality is all around us each day, and for many, within us as well. That is why I adore Loki. He is perfectly imperfect. He is relatable, unlike other Gods who can do no wrong. Loki is like Schrödinger’s Cat, he embodies quantum physics and interposition of quantum states. So tell me, what’s not to love? The best thing about Loki is he is predictably unpredictable. You never know where you stand with him, and therefore, oddly enough, you always know where you stand with him. The only way you can. On your own two independent feet accepting him as he is, and maybe, just maybe occasionally finding him to be genuinely funny. Don’t hate the fan girl. You underestimate us. Just as you suggest we underestimate Loki.

    • What a wonderful comment! By understanding Loki’s duality and the embracing the multiple facets of his persona, you exclude yourself from the “teenage fan girl” populace that I refer to. I’ll admit, I wrote this rather heatedly after I has ganged up on by a group of Loki fan girls on Twitter who insisted I had no idea who Loki was because I didn’t seem him as the red-headed step-child who was just never paid his due, that I didn’t see him as the victim who had no other choice to lash out at his oppressors.

      They refuse to listen to any points I made and insisted he couldn’t BE the bad guy and that implying he had an evil bone in his body made me one more bigoted white guy “blaming the victim”.

      I needed an outlet, somewhere I knew I could make a reply to all these accusations and feel like I got to say everything I wanted to say without being written off.

      So, thank you for your comment, it’s obvious not every Loki fan girl feels the way those few do. As a long time Loki fan BOY, I can appreciate the way you feel about the character more than I can put into words. If I, in anyway, offended you by implying that I was lumping ALL Loki fan girls into this group, I apologize. That wasn’t my intention. I probably should’ve waited a day or two before I took all of this out on my keyboard.

  2. Estelle on said:

    *standing and clapping* My sentiments exactly. You voiced my own frustrated thoughts very well.

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