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SPOILERS: Review: All-New X-Men #18/Thor God of Thunder #15

Hello, geeks and geekettes! It’s that time again! Mid-Week Mini Christmas, also known as Comic Book Wednesday!

This week we’re doing All-New X-Men #18 and Thor God of Thunder #15 on the Marvel side.
Speaking of Thor, check the facebook page at for our first issue of the Geekin’ Podcast and Retinax5’s and I’s review of Thor: The Dark World!

All-New X-Men 018-013

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen

I must be a bigger Bendis fan than I thought. I notoriously love Guardians of the Galaxy, and I’m just as much in love with this book. I thought the art worked very well for the story, and the over-all book was exactly what I want from my X-Men books.

This book addressed things that I’d been wondering about for several issues now – the Jean/Hank kiss. The fact that Magick and Kitty used to be so close. The future of the young original X-Men.

The original X-Men are trapped in our time – they can’t go back. At all. People have tried. Something simply won’t let them cross time-streams again. I think that’s a brilliant way to KEEP them here, even though them being here is such a clusterfuck. After settling into Cyclops’ school, we get a confrontation with Hank and Jean over their kiss, which is interrupted by Cyclops letting everyone know that Kitty wants the group together for a talk. Angel and Iceman are already passed out in their beds, Hank and Jean don’t bother showing up, so it’s just Scott, standing in front of Kitty and Illyana. Kitty dismisses Scott and gets to have a really nice moment with Magick where she confides in her without meaning to; so much has happened, and they’re both such dramatically different people than they used to be, but they fall right back into their own familiar roles with each other.

Fast forward 41 hour and you get the team together for their ‘talk’ with Kitty and Illyana. Illyana uses her magic to give them new costumes, while Kitty gives them a speech on how important it is to train. While Kitty drones on, Scott and Hank start to think about Jean. Probably a little too much. Or rather, too loudly. All the sudden, as Scott and Hank’s thought bubbles start over-lapping, Jean had a psychic spasm and floats herself in to the air. Unable to control her powers fully, Angel swoops in and saves her from a hard fall. Scott and Hank are unimpressed. But the whole scene is interrupted by a gizmo Hank has that’s tied to Cerebro, and tells them there’s mutant activity, lots of it, in Florida. Which leaves us waiting for the next issue.

All in all, while not action-packed, I really loved this comic. It’s fun, light, you’ve got some internal drama that doesn’t get all the way to brooding and moody emo-crap.

I’m giving this one….

4 out of 5 Unrequited Loves

Thor - God of Thunder 015-002

Thor God of Thunder # 15

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ron Garney

This book reminds me so much of the feel of Thor: The Dark World. It has the right amount of fantasy, humor, and action. It gets serious and dangerous, but never takes itself too seriously. Lots of humor, though I think I like the comics handling of Malekith better than I did the movie’s; but you’ll have to check out the podcast to hear my opinion of that!

I love love LOVE the artwork on this. It’s exactly what’s needed for this kind of story. Our League of Realms isn’t doing so well – lots of bickering, lots of in-fighting, and even a little death threatening going on. Thor’s remedy? RUM! Lots and lots of RUM! And sure ’nuff, it does the trick. The troll, light elf, and dwarf are betting on who pukes first, Thor or Oggy the Mountain Giant.


After Thor staggers off to try to keep from puking, he’s soon followed by the lovely dark elf companion, Lady Waziria. After a brief conversation about their companions, she informs him that drinking doesn’t calm her nerves, it makes her…

BOW CHICKA-WAH-WAH. Thor gets more oddly colored women that Captain Kirk.

Three Days Later… our heroes reach Jotunheim just as Malekith attacks another settlement of Dark Elf refugees. Oggy steps in, firing arrows like a bad ass, and in a very sad conclusion, Malekith kills Oggy, jumping into his mouth and digging his way out through his EYESOCKET. Malekith in the comics is way scarier than Malekith in the movie. Or at least more violent and gory.

With their Giant down, Malekith calls in his own Frost Giant allies…. and we’re left with an impending sense of doom for our heroes until the next issue.

I give this one…

5 out of 5 Tankards of Elvish Rum

Check out the facebook page for an amazing wallpaper of the Nine Realms spread from the end of this issue of Thor God of Thunder.

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