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SPOILERS: Review: Amazing X-Men #1/Longshot Saves the Marvel U #1

Amazing X-Men #1 – The Quest for Nightcrawler

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ed McGuinness

Nightcrawler has always been one of my favorite characters since I was a child. I was saddened when he died, but anyone who’s ever read more than 6 issues of X-Men, we knew he’d be back eventually. And Amazing X-Men #1 is where that happens.

Nightcrawler is in Heaven, but it’s just short of paradise for Kurt. He was a flirtatious swashbuckler, a man of faith and belief, and now he sits in Heaven twiddling his thumbs. He’s not ready for eternal rest. He has more to do, so he feels. What he really feels, is bored.

Until Dad shows up for a visit. One of Marvel’s most interesting and underused villains, Azazel, attacks Heaven.

Meanwhile, on the mortal coil, Angelica Jones, Firestar, shows up at the Jean Grey School as their new teacher. Nervous, anxious, and unsure of what to expect, Angelica’s met with the usual chaos and disorder that follows Wolverine’s X-Men where ever they happen to be.

Now here’s where opinion starts to seep into your review. I don’t currently like Wolverine or Storm very much. Which saddens me, because, Storm at least, has always been one of my favorite characters. But their actions and attitudes over the last couple of years has left me disappointed in them both. We’ll throw Beast in there with them, but I digress.

Neither Wolverine nor Storm will stop to help Angelica. Everyone else breezes right past her. Finally Beast stomps by, yelling about premeditated murder, and requests her help finding the Bamfs (small, Nightcrawler-like creatures) who’ve been stealing equipment and electronics from all over the school.

They blast into the walls of the school, finding the Bamfs have made a large portal of some sort. Beasts assembles the X-Men who close down the school, but even though he does all he can to shut down the machine, the Bamfs activate it anyway; tiny red Bamfs (the ones that were accompanying Azazel before) fly out and attack the blue Bamfs and the portal sucks Northstar and Wolverine into…


Why is Azazel pirate themed this time around? I don’t know. But it’s AWESOME. His outfit this issue, his ship, it’s all insanely cool and I’m eating up every panel.

This book seemed extremely short, but it set us up for a crazy, wonky, classic Uncanny X-Men style story.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 Fuzzy Elfs. You’ve got to pick this up. This is shaping up to be a really cool story.

Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe

Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe 001-001

Reading this right off of Amazing X-Men #1 has me nostalgic for the X-Men stories I grew up with, and Longshot was a part of those. I couldn’t get into the X-Factor run he was in, but this story was fun. More wacky, zany, crazy-dimensional tampering adventures that saturated old school X-Men stories.

This book we find Longshot, broke and out on his own, pushing his luck abilities just enough to get by, while a man whose face is half-pitch black and half ivory-white is hunting lucky people and killing them, in search of Longshot. Longshot pushes his luck to get a taco, and the top floor of the building behind him explodes out onto the street, raining money. Thieves, posing as cable men, have worked their way into the apartment and blown the safe of a scientist who lives there wide open. Saving the scientist and his daughter, Longshot is confronted by the two-toned-faced man , whom the scientist claims to be a god.

The god explains to Longshot that his luck powers is jeopardizing the world and he must die in order to save it. Longshot isn’t exactly calling that “plan A”, and as he starts to explains to the mysterious “god”, Tony Stark and Reed Richards drive by, transporting a briefcase with some mysterious, and potentially dangerous, item that Reed accidentally happened upon. The scientist Longshot just saved pulls out a gun, shoots at the “god” and misses, hitting Reed as he passes by. It disrupts Reed’s ability to maintain his form and he stretches out of control, exploding the truck they’re driving and sends the briefcase thudding to Longshot’s feet. The briefcase snaps open an the cosmic cube inside lands in Longshot’s hands. He accidentally triggers the cube and resets the day. As he gets back to the taco stand where everything went wrong, SHIELD agents prepel from the trees and hold Longshot at gunpoint. The head Agent who looks very much like the two-toned god, only all white, informs Longshot he’s in violation of a law stating that all magically-inclined must be registered, and as none-such himself, SHIELD is authorized to kill him.

WHEW! Longshot doesn’t do anything half-assed, does he? This looks like it could be a lot of fun, so I’m definitely going to suggest picking it up, as I’m looking forward to the next issue.

I’m going to rate it 3 out of 5 Lucky Charms.

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