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Review: SPOILERS: Young Avengers#11/AllStarWestern#24

Young Avengers v2 011-011

Those who read this blog know that I hate on this book a lot. That being said, I have lots of good things to say about this issue. While Loki CLEARLY agrees with my earlier assessment of him being misused as comic relief, this book sees a serious change in direction for the character and sets him up for Loki: Agent of Asgard.

While dealing with a group of “monster unleashed for the pre-verbal fears of humanity”, Loki’s thumb starts to bleed. He calls Teddy, saying that he’s getting a “mother incursion” and asks if he’s done something stupid like go to New York.(Frown!) But it’s not Teddy that answers, it’s Leah. She has Teddy, which means Mother has direct access to our world and she intends to unleash the bad-versions from the dimensions the Young Avengers lead Mother to onto Earth. (What they don’t explain, is why is Mother telling them this? I mean, obviously, to lure them to her, she says so on the last page. But. Why? Why not just UNLEASH THE KRAKEN? Er. Bad-Verions. I don’t know. It’ll make sense next issue. Kieron’s smarter than I am.)

In order to handle this situation, Loki has Wiccan transform him into an older self. Looks like late-teens/early twenties. But Loki claims he doesn’t have the power he thought it would in this form, so the whole thing was a complete waste of time to the current story. (Wait. Didn’t I say I liked this issue? Why am I getting more and more annoying with it the more I talk about it?)

The Loki transformation felt rushed and happened in one page. In three panels, we find out that the age issue Kate’s been fretting over for issues now is totally a non-issue, because Noh-Varr is already 21 himself. “You’re as young as you feel” is the explanation. (No, I swear, I enjoyed this issue! It was fun! Didn’t have any of the teen angst and America being a bitch it normally does! However, Kate did tell Noh-varr he was “so cute”, why do I always hear such a condescending, “aren’t you a good widdle puppy” tone when she talks to him!?)

So, fellow fans of Loki want this issue for the first appearance of half-grown Loki. Other than that, it just sets us up for the next issue. Fun, quick, but ultimately unimportant. I’m sure they’ll go over this entire issue again next issue.


Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Artist: Moritat

Clean off of Weird West Week on Geekin’, I had to read All-Star Western, starring Jonah Hex. The story wraps up his ordeal in Gotham with Bruce Wayne and Dr. Arkham assuming Hex would have a hard time adjusting to the modern world – We pick up Hex, 6 months later, on a motorcycle with a cute brunette riding along with him. They’re after gold Jonah buried back before his time-traveling. This was a fun issue, though a mid-story round-up to the next story arc kind of issue, so while there were lots of humorous bits and we did setup for the next issue, it’s one I’d keep forever. Jonah and his girl Gina finds the gold and ends up at a “weird sex festival”, where they encounter John Constantine (fanboy squeal!) when Jonah stats seeing demons. Dun dun dun dunnnnnN!
If you’re not reading All-Star Western from DC’s New 52, I suggest you pick it up. It’s a lot of fun – just don’t start with this issue.

I’d also like to direct your attention to Michael W Garza and his new horror novel The Hand The Feeds. You can read the first chapter on his Facebook Page – be sure to stop in and show some love for the ‘new face of horror’!

If you’re the webcomic type, Boston Metaphysical is an amazing Steampunk centered ghost-story-esque (I do love to make up words!) webcomic who’s kickstarter is designed to bring us more of this amazing comic. Featured alongside original characters are fan favorites Telsa, Houdini, Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Be sure to check them out and drop them some scratch if you can spare it. This stuff is brilliant and too good to pass up. – Kickstarter

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