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SPOILERS: Review: Memory Collectors #1 – Lyesmith

Memory Collectors 001-000

It’s Comic Book Wednesday, Geeks and Geekettes! Thanks for checking us out, be sure to leave and comment and let us know how awesome we are. Because we can’t ever get enough of that! Now on the to review!

Memory Collector’s #1
Art and Story: Menton3

The artwork struck me first. Not just the latex covered women. But the striking looks and haunting gazes. That’s what made me open the cover. From then, the art just sucks you in. Reminiscent of Neil Giaman’s Sandman comics, this book would be very fitting and at home with some of Vertigo’s other titles, which is why I find it a bit surprising to see this come from IDW. Darker than what I normally see come out of their camp, this book is captivating. Menton3 does the art and the story. This is the first I’ve seen from him. The story follows a small band of hunters. What are they hunting? Memory Collectors. Monsters that feed off the emotions of memories – real or fabricated. They’ve cut themselves off from their own souls, their own emotions, and must sustain their existence on the emotions of others. The book moves back and forth between your average comic book panel-by-panel and into half-page text and picture, to tell a bigger story in few pages.
Sometimes the narrator’s dialogue seemed to waiver a bit; go from dark, brooding, gripping story to layman’s term kept bringing me out of the story a bit. The artwork, while striking and most times enjoyable, there were times the women seemed a bit exaggerated. Heads a little too big, necks a little too long, or too thin. The entire book has a very surreal, dream-like feel to it, so the exaggerations may be entirely on purpose; the artist seems the type.
Over all, I enjoyed the book and look forward to see what comes next; is this just an idea that looks pretty, or can you actually give me a steady story based on this that keeps me coming back? This could easily falter and die but I have high hopes.

If you’re a fan of Sandman and Tarot, I suggest picking up this book. If you’re into superheroes and epic storylines, I might skip this one if I were you.

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