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SPOILERS: Review: Real West – MonkeyBrain Comics – Lyesmith

Hey, Geeks and Geekettes! It’s Comic Book Wednesday, and here’s our review for Real West from MonkeyBrains Comics!


Writer: John Arcudi
Artist: A. C. Zamudio

I don’t normally pick up completely unknown comics on a whim, but since I’ve been enthralled with Weird Westerns for the past month, I couldn’t let this issue pass. The artwork works really well with this; matches the gritty feel of the story. It starts with a daughter watching one of her father’s neighbors properly mark his grave. After her mother died, her father disappeared out west, with dreams of striking gold. The neighbor tells her the tragic tale of her father’s death; ran down by Comanches, even though he took many out with him, they still overpowered him. He fought to the very end, staying alive in the hot sun long enough to tell his friend the manner in which he died. The daughter thanks him for all his kindness, and leaves.

Another local, having over heard the discussion, waited until they were both in the bar, with drinks, and the daughter was long gone. He mentioned there hadn’t been Comanches in the area for years… So the first gentleman explains what happens to a horse when it’s leg get caught in a prairie dog hole… and the illustration turns gruesome, the father’s horse’s leg splintering in half, the horse falling on the father, the father being forced to end the horse by gunshot to put it out of it’s misery. But the damage was done. The father laid in the heat as his skin blistered and he slowly dying from his injuries when the horse fell – and finally took his own life.

“Don’t nobody wanna hear no story like that.”

Gritty and harsh, the story was compelling, but left me wanting a LOT more. A short, quick read, I’d like to see a collection of stories like this – Real West stories. Go visit MonkeyBrains at for a list of their other titles!

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