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SPOILERS: Review: Infinity Hiest #1/Guardians of the Galaxy #6 – Lyesmith

Alright, Geeks and Geekettes, it’s Comic Book Wednesday and that means comic reviews! Today we’ve got two reviews, the new Infinity – Heist tie-in and the long-awaited Guardians of the Galaxy #6!

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Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Barrionuevo

Infinity Heist was an interesting story. It follows Blizzard and Whirlwind, two c-list villains, on their adventure trying to take advantage of the Avengers being in space. It’s a fun story! They’re bumbling idiots who just can’t catch a break. They break into the Wakanda Bank to steal supposed diamonds and gold, but Spymaster has beat them to it. He waits in an empty vault, offering to let them in on an even bigger score…

What this comic does to irritate the crap out of me, is changes artist style in the middle of the comic. Look at this bottom panel.

Infinity - Heist 001-004

MID PAGE the art style changes. I can’t tell you how bad this bugs me. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine. Both art styles are good, so it irritates me a little less, but the switch really bugs me and takes me out of the story. The art switches back, which makes me think the switch was purposeful and a part of the storytelling. I hope.

Spymaster has a plan to steal from Tony Stark while Iron Man is in space, but just as they (Blizz and Whirl are joined by Firebrand, Whiplash, and Unicorn) all about to jump on the plan, Titanium Man crashes through the ceiling, and Whirlwind passes out for, what appears to be, no good reason at all. Spymaster insists that Titanium Man is another member of the team, and Whirlwind is of no consequence, but Blizzard insists on trying to help his friend, as Whirlwind’s world goes black.

Pretty short, straight-forward story. I’ll be looking at the next one, and praying there isn’t more of this changing art style crap. Maybe it’s just me, but I really can’t stand it.

Guardians of the Galaxy v3 006-001

FINALLY!!! A new Guardians of the Galaxy! I’ve been waiting with baited breath for over a month!


Okay, so here’s what we know.

First of all, Angela is a bad ass. She gets the best of Gamora, but the others arrive just in time to save her. But even then, she dodges blows and using their attacks against them; Slices Groot and he shatters into a billion pieces. She reflects Rocket’s shot back at him, scoring a hit.

Drax shows up! Knocks her out! Angela’s cold for a good solid, say, 10 whole seconds. She comes to and starts wailing on Gamora again. Tony gets a clear shot, takes it, and Angela still manages to dodge and let the blast hit Gamora. Rocket takes another shot, she dodges and it hits Drax. She’s making them look like a bunch of amateurs. Finally, Tony gets a shot off. Pegs square in the chest – which only pisses her off. She dodges a barrage of fire from Tony and Rocket, and Peter shows up just in time to hit her with some lightening from his Element Gun. Bam! Down for the count! And that’s when the Watcher appears. Shit’s gonna get real. He insists Angela shouldn’t be there. Something is wrong. Big kinda wrong.

Where was Peter? He was getting into a fight with Thanos. Three splash pages worth of Peter and Thanos. Thanos re-explains that Earth has done irreparable damage, and that the rest of the universe will have to take the humans out. Thanos gets more and more menacing as he talks, until finally asking Peter if he’ll be there to witness Earth’s “silent scream to a god that doesn’t exist”, and he rises from his seat. Peter tells him to sit down. Thanos questions “Or? What will YOU do?” and then he rushes Peter, who fires on Thanos… next we see Peter, he saves the Guardians from Big Bad Angela.

I’d also like to point out, because it’s rellevant to us Galaxians™, in Nova #8, Thanos finds out about Sam being the new Nova. He tells Glavius Corvus that “Rider has been dealt with”. At least we finally get a mention of Rider. But what does he mean? Is Rider still alive? Is he dead? Still trapped in the cancerverse??? I DON’T KNOW! But YOU can leave us a comment below, or on twitter, or the facebook page, OR you can go out and visit our friends at and discuss it with other Galaxians! I LOVE what’s coming out of Marvel in relation to the Guardians right now. Awesome stuff. Just wish it was coming out faster!

Check back in for our review of Real West from MonkeyBrain comics!

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2 thoughts on “SPOILERS: Review: Infinity Hiest #1/Guardians of the Galaxy #6 – Lyesmith

  1. Nice article! I haven’t checked out Infinity Heist yet, but I read Guardians and thought it was awesome. Also, I absolutely loved seeing Pete’s other suit, that Tony wears in this one! I was a little jealous that Tony got to wear it, but also was just glad to see that it exists!

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