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SPOILERS: Review: Batman 23.4 – Joker’s Daughter – Villains Month – Lyesmith

Happy Mid-Week-Mini-Christmas, Geeks and Geekettes! It’s another Comic Book Wednesday and today we’re going to look at Joker’s Daughter in Batman #23.4, another installment of Villains Month. As always, check out our Facebook Fanpage at and follow us on Twitter @Geekin_Podcast for all kinds of news, pictures, freebies and assorted geekery! Now on to the review!


Batman 23.4 Villains Month – Joker’s Daughter
Writer: Ann Nocenti
Artist: Georges Jeanty

So, I was kind of excited for this, because I really wanted to see where they were going with it. We’ve seen the sketches for months now. I expected it to be weird, but not this weird.

First of all, this isn’t actually Joker’s daughter, which wildly disappointed me. I mean, we find that out pretty damn quick. I was hoping they’d drag it out, really let us think this might be his kid, let the nerd rage boil a bit; but no such luck.

The girl, who much later in the book you find out is named Duela (OOooooooh. That’s who this is.) is actually a crazy, living underground with a bunch of Arkham escapees. It seems she’s lived down here a while, but the escapees are new. Because I was expecting some grandiose story arc surrounding the true identity of this character, and her origin was clearly spelled out throughout the issue, this issue falls really really flat for me.


The escapees have formed into tribes, the tribes ran by the men, and the women are second-class citizens. Duela finds Joker’s face in the water, apparently discarded, and recognizing it for what it is, she dons the face and uses it as her own mask. Displeased at the way the tribes are ran, Duela decides to change things, scarring faces with a half-moon piece of metal across their mouths in the shape of a smile, she scars the men and leads the women to overthrow them. Taking on their leader, scarring his face as well, she assumes leadership over the tribe.

And that’s it. The whole thing. She supposed to be in the next issue of Catwoman. I was so let down. After reading this review, you can skip the comic. It’s really nothing special. If you have a chance to skim through it, you might want to so you’re not lost as to who she is later. The art’s good, the dialogue is well written, but given with what they had to work with, plot-wise, I just didn’t enjoy it. Too much hype, too little pay off.

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