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SPOILERS: Review: Buzzkill#1/Kiss Me, Satan#1 Dark Horse – Lyesmith

This week really surprised me with how many great comics started up. My two favorites have to come out of Dark Horse. I won’t do many spoilers here, but I wanted the warning up, just in case.


Buzzkill was the first surprise of the day. While this style of art usually turns me off to a comic, it’s just not my favorite style, it fit with the story really well. And I loved their flash back scenes, taking on a more classic-comic book feel with the little dots. I’m sure those have a technical name and I just don’t know it. Buzzkill is an interesting concept; a former superhero, trying to get back on his feet after doing something tragic as a hero. We may have seen that a time or two before, sure, but this hero? He gets his super powers from booze. Yeah. He’s Joe Blow until he gets tanked. Then he hits like a tank. It’s amusing and light, despite the protagonist (the only name we’re given is Ruben, and we’re lead to believe that’s an alias) going through such a rough time.


We’re given just enough info about his past to want to come back for issue #2 and figure out what the hell is going on here. Writers Donny Cates and Mike Reznicek tell a great story and artist Geoff Shaw really sells it with his art. The art style is just personal preference, normally I bitch about a style like this being too cartoon-y and keeping me from getting into the story, but it matches up so well with the style of story being told, that this time, the art style made it even better.


Another one from Dark Horse than I decided to flip through last-minute was Kiss Me, Satan. The first two pages of this just sucked me in. Two pages in and I knew I was going to love this book. Victor Gischler tells a great story with lots of humor. He takes concepts that we’ve seen before and puts a fresh twist on them. Lead character is Barnabas Black, apparently an angel that rebelled with Lucifer, and now wants back into Heaven. However, being a former rebel, Heaven won’t just let him back in. He has to earn it by doing job for Heaven.


Towards the end of the issue, you found out he’s supposed to be protecting witches who were tasked with looking at the local werewolf pack leader’s unborn child. One of the witches can tell with her special eye things about the child’s future, and one of which being whether or not the child is a werewolf itself. The art is crisp, clean, and most importantly, I LOVE their stye of werewolves! Most of you don’t know this about me, but werewolves are a big deal to me. And lots of movies and comics and such screw them up terribly, so it’s nice to see one where they’re exactly as awesome and monstrous as they should be. Juan Ferreyra deserves some huge props here.

I read a LOT of comics today, even some Wolverine ones, thinking it’d be different do a review on a comic I didn’t enjoy. And this week, that just didn’t happen. I’ve got a serious hate-on for Wolverine and Kyle Rayner this week, and Kyle didn’t show up, and no appearance by Wolverine was bad enough to piss me off. Hell, even the art in Uncanny X-Men, which I’ve been hating, stepped it up this week. So, until next week, follow us on Twitter at @Geekin_Podcast and ‘like’ us on our Facebook fanpage for more news, pictures, freebies and assorted geekery from around the internet!

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