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SPOILERS: Review: Justice League 23.2 – Lyesmith

It’s that time again, Geeks and Geekettes!  It’s Mid-Week-Mini-Christmas! Comic Book Wednesday!

We’re going to continue coverage on an Infinity Tie-In and another Villains Month issue! Don’t forget to go ‘Like’ us at our Facebook page for more info, news, pictures, freebies and assorted geekery from around the Internet!


At first I was going to do Aquaman 23.1 and tell the tale of Black Manta’s break from prison and the lead-up that has potential to change the dynamic of Black Manta forever.

But then I saw Green Lantern 23.2, and I thought I could comment on the appearance of Mongul back into the New 52, the touches on his origin, and my own comparisons to him and Thanos from Marvel.

“FRAG IT ALL!” I said! “I can’t do a review on these BASTICHES when there’s a new comic out about DA MAIN MAN himself!”




I know a lot of people hated on Kenneth Rocafort’s Lobo designs. But being the HUGE Kenneth Rocafort fan that I am, I really enjoyed these different takes on Lobo. Lobo is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top mayhem and murder. But if you’re going to make him a regular part of the New 52, you’re going to have to tone him down or you’re going to end up with a very hard to manage and hard to integrate character like Deadpool. Anytime Deadpool has functioned in a team-setting that didn’t dissolve into slapstick humor and sexual innuendos, it’s been because they toned him down so much. Reigned him in, so to speak.

And I think that’s their intent with Lobo here. I’ll go ahead and spoil the whole story for you, so if you’d like to remain spoiler free, read no further!


Justice League (2011-) - Featuring Lobo23.2


There’s two Lobos. That’s right, we find out that our thinner, sleeker, streamlined Lobo isn’t the only one (as we’ve seen in Deathstroke and Stormwatch), After a fun, but short story of New Lobo (I refuse to call him EmoLobo. It’s a different design people, get over it.) working on a bounty, he turns in the body and his employer informs him that she has some information; information that Lobo has been searching for. In order to earn the info, New Lobo has to deliver a package. Easy, right? Well he’s attacked by space pirates, for lack of a better term; scavengers hunting for weaker ships. Crash landing and dispatching the aliens in what I feel was an awesome fight scene, the cargo hold breaks open and we find that New Lobo is carrying a group of aliens who inform him that they’re to be sold and harvested for their bones. I believe this is a moment to underline how ruthless New Lobo is, and how important the information he seeks to him is, as well. He orders the aliens back into the ship, uses the pirates vessel to repair his own, and completes his delivery.

He’s paid in a tiny ball containing a hologram; a picture of the Lobo we know and love, and what appears to be perhaps a map to Earth. New Lobo calls him an imposter and appears to head towards Earth.


Justice League (2011-) - Featuring Lobo23.2


I can’t explain how excited I am to see this. Lobo is one of the characters I’ve been waiting for to make a big comeback in the New 52, and felt his previous appearances have been a tad lackluster.. Seeing two of them is even more exciting. Keep watching the blog, I promise to keep tabs on the Lobos and update as the story unfolds.


Leave a comment below or yelling our ears over at the Facebook Fanpage and tell us what YOU think of the new look, the 2 Lobos, and what the future might hold for them!


Keep your eyes peeled for the review for X-Men #5, another step in the Battle of the Atom event from Marvel!



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