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SPOILERS: Review: Avengers #19/Infinity TieIn – X-Men #5/BotA TieIn – Lyesmith

Happy Mid-Week-Mini-Christmas, Geeks and Geekettes! Today we’ll be touching on the two big events in the Marvel camp. Of all the Infinity Tie Ins, I felt Avengers #19 seemed the most important, the one that moved the story forward the most, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on.

Ex Nihila needs to take a sensitivity seminar and attend a workshop on sexual harassment in the workplace!

Ex Nihila needs to take a sensitivity seminar and attend a workshop on sexual harassment in the workplace!

As Carol Danvers is interrogated by the Builders (and their pet Ex Nihila, who I feel gets a little handsy with Carol – was that just me? Some of those scenes seemed to have a mite-bit of inappropriate touching going on on Ex Nihila’s part. But Carol seems to ignore it.) Captain America and Thor approaches the Galactic War Council (which includes The Skrull, The Shi’ar, The Kree, The Negative Zone, The Brood, and the Spartoi) in an effort to pool resources and find a way to stop the Builders.


J'Son, King Jerkwad of Spartax

J’Son, King Jerkwad of Spartax


The Builders question Carol over how Earth came in possession of StarBrand, Abyss, NightMask, and Captain Universe. Of course, she doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell them if she did. Mean while, as the War Council debates, J’Son, king of Spartax and Peter ‘Star-Lord’ Quill’s father, sneaks off to contact the Builders in hopes of gaining a truce for his empire in exchange for Earth. The Builders have no intention of treating with “lessers”, and instead trace J’Son’s signal back to the War Council base. Which they then blow up. Way to go, J’Son. Way to go. Man. What a douche.




Over on the X-Men side of things, Scott and Jean have bailed after the appearance of future X-Men. There’s a cute moment between Scott and Jean, even though Jean’s been making out with Hank. I’m not a big fan of Jean, so you may sense some hostility there on my end. In usual X-Men fashion, Storm over reacts and sends most of the X-Men after them. It results in a scuffle which is broken up by Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers, who help the couple slip away once again.




Things don’t seem to be all hugs and puppies over on Wolverine’s side of the X camp. Kitty gets in Storm’s face over “ordering” Kitty to stay behind, over-reacting and pushing Young Scott and Jean even further away. Jean leads Scott out an island to meet Present-Time Cyclops’ X-Men team. I’m really excited to see what comes next and how the two Scotts interact and getting to see Scott/Jean and Scott/Emma in the same room. I expect much laughs. I still don’t trust these future X-Men, and there’s a scene with Jubilee where she dumps her kid off on Young Iceman and Beast and just walks out. Wow. Mom of the Year, huh? I know it’s not biologically HER kid, but she’s taking responsibility for the kid! Or she CLAIMS to be. Yeesh.


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