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SPOILERS: Review: Uncanny Avengers 11 – Lyesmith



HAPPY COMIC WEDNESDAY! Or as I like to call it, Mid-Week Geeky Mini-Christmas. I feel like I should start sending out holiday cards every Wednesday. It sounds like a long title, but it’ll catch on. This’ll be a thing. Just watch. And now! ON THE COMICS!

Writer :Rick Remender
Artist: Daniel Acuna

This issue was everything I want out of a Marvel comic book. This is what I mean when I say I want a comic meaty. It’s got action, it’s got some great one-on-one moments between characters, it’s even got a moment or two of humor in it, and it progresses the story. It leaves you going “Wait! Wait! No! Two more pages! Just two more!!!” I won’t ruin too much here, but while it progresses the story overall, between Wanda, Uriel and Eimin, it also has gives a few pages each to Rogue and Sunfire, Wolverine and (gasp!) Daken, Simon and Erik, Thor and Sentry, and even has a page of banter between Captain America, Wasp, and Havok. And it does all this without ever feeling rushed, crammed together, or like it’s just juggling one ball too many. It’s got flow all the way to the end.

I do wish it had a little MORE Havok in it. I’ve been a fan of Alex Summers since I was a kid, I’ve always loved the parallels between him and his brother, Scott, Cyclops. It seems after the last few years, Alex and Scott has switched personality traits. While Alex used to be brash, quick to anger, and take seemingly unnecessary risks, he’s now level-headed, leadership material and no longer the “kid brother” to Cyclops. I’m really happy to see him in this book, taken seriously as a hero. I LOVE the play back and forth between him and Captain America, not just in this issue, but throughout the series. And I love how Wasp seems to be chasing him. I think it’s an interesting match, and one I think I’d like to see him pursue once things aren’t quite so end-of-the-world-y.

Uncanny Avengers 011-001

So this is DEFINITELY a must, it sets everything up for the next issue, which will no doubt be huge. Really looking forward to it.

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