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Spoilers: Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #23 – Lyesmith


Writer: James Tynion IV
Pencils: Julius Gopez

   Hey, geeks! It’s Wednesday again and that means MOAR COMICS! Today we’ve got Red Hood and The Outlaws #23. Don’t forget to check out the facebook page where I’ll be featuring weekly freebies from across the internet!

   Anybody who’s been in ear shot of me since New 52 started knows this is my favorite comic coming out of DC. While I miss Kenneth Rocafort’s artwork, Julius Gopez’s art really works for the story. And this was such a great Roy-centered issue. Roy’s wit and sarcasm keep me grinning through the first half. Nothing big and serious happens this issue, outside of bringing all ours heroes back into a central location.

   I’ll admit that I’m a little torn lately, I love the Roy and Kori dynamic, but I have to admit, I really really enjoy the play back and forth between Roy and Jade. It’s just so much fun. Mostly because Jade is so CRAZY!

   I expect the NEXT issue to be a game-changer for the trio. Or maybe it’ll just return things to status quo, more or less. There’s still a lot of patching up that needs to happen between Roy and Kori, but I really think they work well together and I’d like to see them continue to work at their… relationship? Yeah, I’ll call it that.

   If you’re a Roy fan, I suggest picking up this issue. Otherwise, you’re not missing much. The entire issue can be summed up in “Roy gets into the city. Kori arrives too. They’re both thrown in jail.” Other that, nothing really happened. They didn’t get through to Jason, so nothing changed. However, this issue did just further my desire for a League of Assassins book. They’ve obviously put a lot of work into these characters and it pays off. Their fight scenes with Roy are a lot of fun. Can’t wait for issue #24!

   Check back for our review of Nova #7! Check out the fanpage on Facebook and/or drop us a comment here on the blog! We’d love some constructive criticism and any suggestions on what you’d like to see more of out of the blog and the fanpage.

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