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Spoilers: Review: Demon Knights #23 – Lyesmith

Demon Knights 23

It’s time for our DC New 52 review! Before we get started, don’t forget to visit us at our Facebook fanpage ( and follow us on Twitter (@Geekin_Podcast) and give us a shout!

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Phil Winslade
Cover Artist: Howard Porter (LOVED this cover!)

Demon Knights has consistently been one of my favorite comics coming out of the New 52. And while the list of comics I say that about is a lengthy one, it’s no less true about this book. I’m terribly sad to see it go, as issue 23 is it’s last issue. Demon Knights feature a group of characters like none of the other DC titles have. Or Marvel, for that matter. Reminiscent of the Prince Valiant comic strips I used to read in the Sunday paper (The Funnies, my grandpa called them) as a kid; it’s medieval fantasy at it’s best. You have brave knights, alluring amazons, wizards and sorcerers, immortals, demons and vampires, and a whole slew of characters that would seem wildly out of place in any other setting.

This issue finds our (albeit, occasionally reluctantly-)heroic group trapped inside the city of Al-Wadi, in the year 1043AD. Why are they trapped? The city is under siege by an army of giants who have come to claim The Holy Grail, which our group has stolen from them. I won’t go into great detail, but this issue has some wonderful, if sometimes comical, fight scenes. They end up defeating the giants and wrapping things up nicely this issue and give us a good end to the storyline, though they leave it open ended enough to continue the characters on elsewhere. If you haven’t read this title then you’ve missed out on some great fun. I highly recommend getting the back issues and reading this start-to-finish. You won’t be disappointed.

What would you do with the characters after this? Jason Blood/Etrigan certainly needs to be in JLD, as we’ve already seen Xanadu over there. Could any of the other characters find a home in a current title or would you rather see this one picked up again? Personally, I’d love to see another Action Comics style giant book containing mini-stories of some of these canceled books, Demon Knights and I, Vampire, for example. Leave a comment or visit us out at the Facebook fanpage and give us your thoughts!

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