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REVIEW: Spoilers: Green Lantern #23 – Lyesmith


Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Billy Tan

I’m a long time Green Lantern fan. A long time Hal Jordan fan. Since the New 52 started, I haven’t been as excited about it as I was before. The last few issues have brought me back to looking forward to this comic. This issue finds Hal Jordan as the leader of the Green Lanterns after an attack by Larfleeze. Never able to catch a break, after his first order as leader being to begin recruitment back up he lost fresh ring-slingers to Larfleeze’s attack. The loss weighs heavily on Jordan, who after finding out that during the attack a prison of the sciencells killed a lantern and escaped. Of course, Hal decides to go off after the prisoner alone. His reasoning was that he didn’t want to put another lantern in danger. I understand wanting to redeem himself and putting something in the ‘win’ column, but the rings have been glitching lately. The power just flickering off for a few seconds, only to come back suddenly and without explanation. To leave now is a bull-headed and foolhardy errand on Jordan’s part, and doesn’t bode well for his future as a leader. Kilowog’s advice was sound; he needs to start embracing the group ideal, or no one else will.

But ever the lone wolf, Hal rushes off to confront the prisoner, whom, as it turns out, has come into possession of a Star Sapphire ring. The comrades she meets up with were of her race and apparent “clann”. I really enjoyed the artwork and style that gave these guys. It was different and made me really want to learn more about who they were. Prixiam Nol-Anj’s (the escaped prisoner and newest Star Sapphire) ring show’s Hal’s connection to Carol, and forces him to see her now; in danger. Just as he was getting his ass handed to him by Prixiam Nol-Anj(Prixiam seems to be a title, perhaps?), Hal’s ring goes out, along with Nol’Anj’s. It stays out long enough for both of them to get sick from the atmosphere of the alien planet their on, and Hal to stagger away. Nol-Anj’s group helps her out just in time for the rings to snap back to life and Hal to race off after Carol.

This is was fun issue with excellent artwork. While I would’ve rather of focused on the corps and their new beginnings, I’m anxious to see where this leads Hal. Obviously he’s going to have to save Carol (and probably Kyle and the new Guardians. Yeesh.) but what does this new Star Sapphire have planned, and can Hal get his act together and bring the corps to become the group he wants it to be? Or is he going to be forced to hand it off to someone else or risk the corps falling apart?

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