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REVIEW: Spoilers: Cable and X-Force #12 – Lyesmith


Writer: Dennis Hopeless/Cullen Bunn
Art: Salvador Larroca/Frank D’Armata

I’ll start off by saying that I’m really enjoying this run. The story and the artwork have been consistently entertaining. This issue finds us picking up Hope in the future with Blaquesmith and what appears to be a female Strife. (gasp! who could that be??? Yeah. I guessed it in the last page of the last issue too.)

We get to further Domino and Colossus’ relationship; which I love. Despite the fact that Domino’s slept with Wolverine (runty, hairy, old Canadian. YUCK.) I really like her for Colossus. While I’ve always loved his and Kitty’s relationship, I’m all for exploring characters with partners that are outside of their norm. Instead of giving Piotr someone who’s like Kitty Pryde, softer, sensitive, nurturing, pair him up with someone fun, unstable, and completely wrong for him. Piotr’s changed in the recent years, he needs pushed. And Domino could use someone who genuinely cares about her. Someone who is stable. I think it could balance them both out a lot.

The end of the story leaves something to be desires. We find out from Future-She-Stife-Who-Couldn’t-Possibly-Be-A-Future-Hope that the future is riddled with techno-demons, and she’s started giving present-time Cable visions to help him stop it. Last page? Big reveal! She-Strife takes off her helmet and it’s…. HOPE!!!! HOLY COW! I’m so glad they saved that for the last page!

Okay, kidding aside, and despite the weak attempt at a surprise ending, this was a really fun issue that sets up the next one to be a bit more meaty. Nothing big and spectacular happened, but it was fun and helped clear up some of the clutter that might’ve slowed down the next issue.

Check back in a few for our review of Green Lantern #23 and Cyberforce #4. And as always, check out our Facebook fanpage for more news, artwork, and assorted Geekery!

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