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TDKR sucked.


Okay, it didn’t totally, completely, black-hole SUCKED, but it fell flat for me.

The DVD is out, so I’m not going to worry about spoiling anything, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet, I’m about to ruin the WHOLE MOVIE.

Bane and Talia were lackluster villains compared to The Joker.

Catwoman could’ve had SO much more done with her, though I do feel there were small nods to a possible Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy tie-in.

And I hate the way it ended. Batman gets to go off and live happily ever after? And he’s okay with that? Set someone else up to take his place and he can just run off to Florence with Selena? What did I miss there? I’d have felt better if Batman DIED than to have him live happily ever after.

I will say, Anne Hathaway shocked me. She was awesome. And it was a rougher, edgier side to Joseph Gorden-Levitt than I’ve ever seen. I also loved the that Ra’s showed up for a split second, and you got Dr. Crane’s cameo. Really tied it all in together. I wish there was SOME mention of the Joker. They kind of erased all of that character. Showed Two-Face. Mentioned him. Joker got no nod what-so-ever. That was disappointing.

This just wasn’t the epic conclusion I was looking for. My only hope is that they yet again learn from this incarnation and make the next one better.

Side note: Avengers still wins.

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