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Spider-Man vs Batman

So we’ve got two more big Superhero movies coming out.

The Spider-Man reboot.
The Dark Knight Rises.

I’m not anywhere near as excited about these two as I have been The Avengers. But I’ve been hearing all kinda of “Batman’s gonna kick Spider-Man’s ass!” and “Batman’s gonna blow The Avengers out of the water!”

And I’m here to throw in my 2cents.

No way in hell is Batman gonna reach the Avengers. But I will argue over Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is a far more kid-friendly franchise than this Batman trilogy has been.
Spider-Man has seen a lot more advertising than DKR has.
DKR will forever be the sequel to Heath Ledger’s last movie. It might do better than the Crow sequels, but will suffer from the same stigmas. It will forever be compared to the one before it, Bane will forever be measured up against Joker, and it will always been seen lacking. Unless the guy playing Bane bites it before the movie releases.

DKR looks very serious, brooding, and dramatic. Which I like, don’t get me wrong. But Spider-Man looks more light, funny, and just FUN. It’s a movie you can take your kids to, take your date to, and and I don’t see DKR having that same appeal. Kids will see Spider-Man three times. Who will watch DKR twice?

Alright, let’s hear your opinions. Tell me I’m wrong, and I’m an asshole. Agree with me. But post your opinions and which movie YOU think will do better in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Spider-Man vs Batman

  1. Chris on said:

    No, you are right, DKR won’t touch Avengers. You’d be foolish to think so but I do think it will surpass Spider-Man. the reason being is because people, I think, are tired of the Spidey roboots. Because the last grouping was so fantastic. 😉

  2. retinax5 on said:

    DKR will not come close to Avengers box office. If for no other reason than that the film will not be released in 3D, which shaves a couple dollars off of atleast half of the ticket sales.

    I don’t believe Spiderman will be a monster hit. There has been very little positive buzz. If anything, most people that i know seem to be saying “ANOTHER Spiderman? A reboot ALREADY??” I think the film will make money. The curiosity factor, combined with the hardcore comic fans will guarantee that. But, unless the film is a lot better than the lackluster previews, the film will end up around $250 million (after the mandatory $85-100m opening weekend). DKR, on the other hand, should gross around $400 million. Less than TDK (which was both an awesome film and a cultural curiosity because of Ledger), but still a massive hit.

    • I don’t know. For some reason I just don’t see DKR in the same light. Even the trailers fall flat for me. I think Bane looks dumb and the mask was a terrible idea. I think Catwoman looks forced. But I think kids will see Spider-Man and will eat it up in ways they won’t with Nolan’s darker Batman.

      Yes, Batman will make money. And Spider-Man will not touch Avengers either. But I think Spider-Man will beat out Batman, because much of the same fans that will see Batman will see Spider-Man, but Spider-Man will draw people who wouldn’t see Batman.

      It also seems (to me) that the ill will towards the reboot is something that’s pretty confined to the comic book community. Everyone else is just seeing another Spider-Man movie. I’m not sure that everyone gets it’s a re-make.

      • retinax5 on said:

        I agree: Bane and Catwoman look terrible. But I believe there is something powerful about a conclusion – an ending – that will move people.

        As for Spider-man, most of the people i know aren’t comic book fans – i know, i need a better class of friends – and they are the ones complaining about a reboot. I agree with you that the under-18 crowd will have no problem with the reboot, but the 25+ audience have (primarily) fond memories of Sam Raimi’s films and are wondering “WTF?!?! A reboot already?”

  3. platformpieces on said:

    I think the 1000000 times that I’m planning to see DKR should help its chances.

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