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The Dark Knight Rises

Yeah, this film is going to rock. As much as I am looking forward to “The Avengers”, this is my must-see “comic-book” movie of the year (feel free to note the absence of a certain web-slinger from this conversation; that forthcoming abomination deserves its own post). Nolan tackles comic-book films with a sense of seriousness and an epic scope that is unique. I don’t believe the films are perfect: “Batman Begins” was a good, but not great movie, and “The Dark Knight” was about 30 minutes too long. Yet the tone of the films, the manner in which they are shot, the remarkable collection of actors come together to make them must-see viewing. I also love that Nolan is completing a trilogy and bringing his take on Batman to a close. I can’t wait to see this film.

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One thought on “The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Lyesmith: I agree whole heartedly. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about Bane’s mask and having to hear another mumbling character with Bale’s Batman, but I’ve heard people say that it’s a non-issue. And Michelle Pfeiffer gave Anne Hathaway her approval as a choice as Catwoman, so I’m nothing but excited for this. Besides, I was iffy on Heath as Joker, but he blew me away; so I really have to wait and see before making any judgements on actor choices.

    That being said. Still 100x more amped for Avengers than I am Batman.

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