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Lyesmith Comic Review #4

Welcome to the 4th Comic Review! I’ve gone on comic over-load lately, so expect lots of updates over the next few days.




Legion of Super-Heroes

I read these as a kid, and was a pretty big fan, back in the 90s. I kinda fizzled out the last few years, but I thought I’d give this reboot a try. I feel a -little- lost, because they retained a lot of the back-story from pre-52. I find that rather irritating; wasn’t the point of the New 52 to make new jumping-on points for new readers? I shouldn’t be lost a few pages into the book. But regardless, I pushed past it and kept reading, and I’m glad I did. I really enjoy this book and it kept my interest through to the current issue. Not going down in any Hall of Fame for awesome book ever, but definitely worth reading!





Legion Lost

This book hit me some of the same way that the main Legion title did. I felt a little lost, and there was some back-story I wasn’t clear on. But again, regardless, it’s a good book. I’m not a fan of time-traveling Legion members, I feel it’s over-done. But the storyline, the characters themselves, and overall comic are pleasant and it’s actually a fun read. Again, kept me interested through out to the current issue and I’m looking forward to the next one.




I was never a huge fan of the Teen Titans. Some of the characters I found interesting, and the rest I thought were overly dramatic and it just couldn’t hold my attention. THIS, however, feels far more like Young Justice (Robin, Superboy, Impluse/Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, this IS Young Justice!) which I always loved. The Young Justice comic was one of my favorite series and I love the new cartoon they have out. As far as this goes, I really enjoy the new incarnations of these characters. They kept the humor from Young Justice and brought in some new characters. I’m really pleased with this, Brent Booth is and always has been one of my favorite artists, not to mention being written by Scott Lobdell! I’m loving this, collecting them, and recommend them to everybody.





Magneto: Not A Hero



After dissing Marvel in my last blog, I had to come back and highlight some of the things coming out of the Marvel house that I have really enjoyed. Magneto: Not A Hero is one of them. I’d forgotten what a bad-ass this guy was. How truly scary he can be. The first issue alone had me hooked; there’s a scene between him and Iron Man where Magneto puts Iron Man in his place and had me goin’ “Hells yeah!” Scottie Young is a great writer and really did an amazing job of reminding me how much of a contender Magneto is. Clay Mann’s artwork. is amazing and I really enjoy his facial expressions and the way he conveys emotion without needing words. This is a lot of fun with an ending I’m happy with.




Next up! Aquaman! Wonder Woman! And WildC.A.T.s, Oh my!

In the works: More Legion, a little Star Trek, Saga, and TMNT.

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