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Lyesmith: Comic Review #3

Welcome to the third comic review! Today I’m going to try to focus a little more on Marvel, but then it’s right back into DC! They’ve really had my attention lately with the New 52.


First of all, I’ve always been a Marvel guy. I grew up on X-Men and the various X-Titles and understood the Summers Family Tree before I could do multiplication. But this past few months, I’ve seen barely anything come out of Marvel that I’ve enjoyed, and that saddens me a great deal. That being said, I’m going to do a review of two series, both of which I love, but one of which I’m not currently liking. Ready? Too bad.






Journey Into Mystery

Kieron Gillen is a literary god. Everything he’s done with this series has had me giddy to read the next issue. I love his writing style, how he’s made these characters REAL, and he’s taking Loki in a direction no ever has before. He’s ranking up there with Neil Giaman, Geoff Johns, R.A. Jones, Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle for me. Every word they produce is gold. I cannot stress how much I love this series and think that everyone should give it a shot. This is my favorite Marvel book, by far. Keeping every issue.





New Mutants


Another title I grew up on. I’m emotionally attached to these characters and was infinitely excited to see them back in a book. But lately, the artwork has been cruddy, the story just seems kind of thrown together… It just can’t hold my attention. Especially the artwork! I’m sorry, I know I’m picky, but I just can’t stand this. It breaks my heart to read this book lately. I thought the addition of X-Man was a great idea, but it’s mostly the artwork that’s keeping me from reading this.


Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Look at those characters.The lack of detail in areas and the mis-proportionings… I just don’t get it. Hopefully this gets better soon. I’m not impressed.

(Link to a MUCH bigger version… )



Now then! Back to DC…


Batman Beyond Unlimited

Batman Beyond Unlimited


I have ALWAYS loved this idea. I loved the cartoon, I loved the series they did at the end of 2010, I loved the movie, (Return of the Joker) and I knew I’d have to pick this up! And I must say, it did not disappoint. They stay pretty true to the cartoon, while turning it up a bit for a little more mature audience. You get a good sized Batman story, with a smaller story about him in the League at the end. Both were compelling stories and the artwork really fit and really worked. I can’t wait for the next issue of this. Keep your eyes peeled.




Next on the agenda, LEGION, LEGION Lost, Teen Titans, and my review of the Magneto: Not A Hero mini series.


Other reviews in the works, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Grifter, and Voodoo.

Also watch for a Rant blog, where I plan on throwing a hissy fit over Michael Bay and drool over the upcoming Avengers.



Keep Geekin’!

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