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Lyesmith: New 52 part 2

As promised, I, Lyesmith, am back to deliver more reviews of DC’s New 52. I just KNOW everyone is waiting to buy comics until they’ve heard my opinion on them, so here it is!

Today we’ll be focusing on Green Lantern, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Suicide Squad.


Green lantern – I want to start by saying I love Hal Jordan. Nathan Fillion’s Hal Jordan, not Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan. He’s my favorite GL, and as far as I’m concern, THE GL. But I do love me some Guy. Anyway, this new Green Lantern series is keeping Hal Jordan front and center. And that makes me a happy little geek. It helps that I love Sinestro. I haven’t always, but I love what Geoff Johns did with him during The Sinestro Wars and the person he made Sinestro into. I get a big ‘Magneto’ vibe from Sinestro and that appeals to me. At the end of my last set of reviews I called this Green Lantern (sort of), because so far the premise of the story (no major spoilers, just basic overview) is that Hal Jordan isn’t a GL (thrown out), but Sinestro (who’s been reinstated as a GL) feels he needs his help and creates a ring for Hal. As a construct, it limits Hal’s abilities and is tied to Sinestro, who can control it. This irritates me in a good way. It’s keeping me reading, waiting for Hal to get a real ring back. This isn’t one I’m collecting to read later, but definitely one I’m keeping track of.


Red hood and the Outlaws – Sounds like a band name to me. Josie and the Pussycats need a team-up. This book is a love/hate for me. I’ve never much cared one way or the other about Starfire, but I like the addition she brings to this book. Red Hood (Jason Todd) I’ve always liked since his resurrection, and they seem to have toned down his crazy some. Which is nice. My hate is directed at Arsenal, Roy Harper. The Roy in this book fits the story. He’s a great character. I like him a lot. But they got rid of the Roy I’ve been following and loving for the last 5 years or so. I loved Red Arrow. I cried when Liam died. Even when they took his arm and he dive-bombed, I loved him and was enthralled with his story. I loved him juggling being a super-hero AND a dad. And that’s not who Roy is anymore. And I’m pissed. That being said, seeing Roy as a whole new character, or a character restarted, I’m really really really loving Red Hood and The Hoodettes. I mean, Outlaws. And the art! Those familiar with Madame Mirage, Hunter-Killer/Cyberforce, and Velocity (all from Top Cow) will recognize Kenneth Rocafort’s amazing artwork. It meshes so well with the high energy story that Red Hood and The Outlaws brings. I highly recommend this. It’s just FUN.

Green Lantern: New guardians – Anyone who knows me knows about my intense hatred of Kyle Rayner. I should seek therapy over my feelings towards this fictional character. I’ve never liked him. I’ll probably do a blog on the many reasons I can’t stand him, but for now I’ll focus in this book. My chief complaint, ( besides Kyle being the center character, of course) is that they changed his origin story. I feel it was unnecessary and just to appease his hardcore followers. Kyle has always been a random “you’ll have to do” Green Lantern. Now he’s been “chosen”. I hate it. Makes me want to throw things. BUT. I will say, the story is compelling, I really enjoy the supporting characters they’ve brought in, and it hasn’t been a terrible comic. If you like Green Lantern and the extended GL universe, pick this up.


Suicide squad – I love this concept. Villains forced together to work off their sentences. So much room for crazy, and boy, they don’t disappoint. Harley Quinn becomes such a strong character here. Not so much dominant, as she is head-strong. You still get the sense that if the Joker walked in, she’d be his puppy again. But without him there to hold her leash, she’s bolder. Not sure I care for the costume, but I’m loving the story. The other villains they’ve thrown together are a lot of fun. Deadshot, King Shark, Yo-yo, Lime, Light, El Diablo, and Black Spider, to name a few. Lots of big personalities and lots of crazy. I’m keeping this one.

My next reviews, I’ll focus on Batman Beyond Unlimited, Marvel’s Journey Into Mystery, and New Mutants.

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One thought on “Lyesmith: New 52 part 2

  1. Janece Suarez on said:

    Pshaw! Where is the Aquaman love??? 😛 Good post! I agree, you need therapy over your GL issues…..

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