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First Blog! New 52; JLD, Shade, and I, Vampire.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 3142012.1…

Sorry, I’ve always wanted to say that. My first blog post seemed an appropriate place to live out that fantasy.

Welcome to the first Geekin! Comic review. I’m Lyesmith, half of the dynamic duo (that’s not copy written, is it?) that makes up Geekin! A blog/podcast/whatever else we decide to turn this monstrosity into, that covers everything that we’re currently “geeking” over. Comics, movies, tv, and anything else that catches our fancy – you’ll find our opinions and fan-boy squeals right here. Let’s get this shindig goin’, shall we?

For the first one, I’m going to keep it light and easy. I’ll be jazzin’ it up a bit as we go along.

I’ve spent today catching up on three of the New 52 titles from DC.


I, Vampire – This is an amazing comic. The art, the plot, the dialogue… I’m loving this book. It’s a lot of fun, and again, feels a little disconnected from the rest of the DCU. It’s darker and feels like another place, but even when they do run into staple DC characters, it’s not weird and awkward. It’s not vampires walking around with people in crazy costumes. I, mean, obviously it IS, but somehow, they make it work. It fits. It feels a little “Vertigo” to me, but I always a big fan of those comics. I can see the trade selling really well, like the Sandman trade paperbacks have.



Shade – This one has gotten some great reviews, but I really didn’t care for it. For me, the artwork didn’t match the feel of the story. The artworks not bad, but it just didn’t mesh for me. Made it hard to get myself lost in the story. And I have a hard time really getting attached to the characters. I just… Don’t care.

Justice League Dark – Now, this one I liked. Am liking, rather. I’ve always really enjoyed the magic side of DC. It feels a little disconnected from the rest of the DCU, but not totally. Like they operate on a separate set of rules. And I like that a lot. The story’s not moving as quickly as I’d like, but that’s probably more my short attention span than the writing. While I’m having trouble liking the plot because I want to understand what’s going on faster than what they’re allowing us to, I do, however, LOVE the characters and the dialogue. I’m really anxious to see where this is going.

So, I’m dropping Shade, but JLD and I, Vampire are keepers. If you haven’t picked them up, do so.

Next blog – Red Hood and The Outlaws (punk band?), Green Lantern (sort of), Suicide Squad (I love me some crazy bitches) and The New Guardians (Or “Why I continue to hate Kyle Rayner”)

Stay tuned and continue Geekin!

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